The Position Papers will be read, corrected and graded by a special committe, which will chose the three best written and researches better. To participate at this Awards you will have to hand in your Position Paper before the deadline.

The following criteria are used by the conference staff to evaluate Position Papers:

  • Overall quality of writing, proper style, grammar, etc.
  • Citation of relevant resolutions/documents
  • General consistency with bloc/geopolitical constraints
  • Consistency with the constraints of the United Nations
  • Analysis of issues, rather than reiteration of the Committee Background Guide

The Chair Award will be distributed by the Dais.

Areas of evaluation are

  • Remaining "in character": defined as advocating your assigned country’s position in a manner consistent with economic, social and geopolitical constraints. Although being ‘in character’ involves the accurate presentation of your country’s diplomatic style, delegates should not model inappropriate stereotypes or character traits. Any undiplomatic behavior is inherently out of character for United Nations delegates. Model UN delegates are to emulate the work of diplomats; speeches by Heads of State/Government are political in nature and sometimes aimed as much at domestic audiences as at their UN counterparts. In addition, delegates must remember that any observation, comment or complaint regarding another delegate’s portrayal of his/her national or organizational ‘character’ is highly inappropriate, and such comments are themselves inherently ‘out of character’ for a diplomat. Yelling, standing on chairs and other examples of unprofessional behavior are not characteristics of model diplomats.
  • Participating in committee: evaluated during both formal sessions and caucusing. The BayernMUN recognizes that a country’s position on any issue may require opposition to the majority, as opposed to active consensus-building. The conference staff expects delegates to support committee action and address issues in accordance with relevant national or organizational policies, whatever those may be. No priority is given to active participation in formal session over caucus activities. Delegates who provide leadership through assistance to the committee are provided special consideration. Caucusing should be in English as the common language of the conference.
  • Proper use of the Rules of Procedure: The BayernMUN uses the rules of procedure to facilitate the effective workings of the committee and debate. Consideration will be given to delegates’ knowledge and proper use of the BayernMUN rules, which differ from rules at other MUN conferences, and delegates’ use of rules to further the work of the committee, not to impede it. Staff is patient with new delegates who may not be completely familiar with the NMUN Rules of Procedure, particularly in the early sessions of the conference and during voting procedure. Delegates will not be permitted to interrupt the committee’s progress through the introduction of disruptive or inappropriate motions.

The Peer-Awards is distributed by the committee. During the last day, each present delegation may vote for the delegetations, they consider most successful.