Discover Nuremberg

Discover Nuremberg

Being close to the famous city of Nuremberg, we offer participants an additional one day/one night touristic program before the conference starts. Let us introduce you to a charming and lively medieval city with a huge range of thrilling historic impacts.

Meet …

·         the city of the first assembly of nobles under several German Kings in the Middle Ages;

·         the city that has better than others reconstructed the medieval flair of a vivid center of merchandizing, the arts and craftsmenship;

·         the city of Albrecht Dürer, the famous painter and contemporary of Martin Luther;

·         the place where Adolf Hitler celebrated the annual conventions of his Nazi movement, called Reichsparteitage and where the Nazi leaders were trialed and found their just punishment after the end of World War II;

·         a city that prides itself nowadays with being the City of HUMAN RIGHTS and that engages in many activities promoting the idea of HUMAN RIGHTS;

·         a city with the skyline of its impressive world famous medieval castle called the Kaiserburg, the Emperors’ castle;

·         a hospitable city with a huge amount of very traditional as well as en vogue gastronomy, famous beers and ambitious cuisine.