Frequently asked questions

Q: Is the conference open to any participants?

A: Yes, BayernMUN is open to anyone that is interested in BayernMUN, speaks English, and wants to experience how it is to work as an UN-diplomat for themselves. The conference is aimed at university students, but we also accept smaller groups of high school students.

Q: What do I need to do to participate? Do I need to send a CV?

A: All that is required formally to participate is to complete the online registration and to pay the conference fee. In addition, participants should be familiar with the goals and intentions of a Model UN conference, as well as with the Rules of Procedure in general (the exact Rules of Procedure for this specific conference can be viewed in the BayernMUN Delegates Guide). We also expect participants to prepare for the topics on the provisional agenda and to represent their assigned country realistically. We do not require a CV or other documentation.

Q: Will the conference be in English?

A: Yes, the BayernMUN conference will be run in English. Please be respectful to your fellow delegates and only converse in the english language during formal and informal sessions.

Q: How many people can represent a country?

A: Delegations of two are encouraged but not mandatory for the General Assembly. It is also possible to represent a country alone.

Q: How can I pay the conference fee?

A: Our webshop accepts payments via PayPal and credit card. Payments for group-bookings can be arranged via E-Mail, at secretariat@bayernmun.org.

Q: Do you offer scholarships?

A. Instead of our usual scholarship offerings, BayernMUN 2022 has launched the BayernMUN SDG Contest, which will be sponsored by our partner Diakoneo.  You can find more about the contest here

Q: Will I be refunded if I have already paid for the conference but cannot make it? (e.g. due to illness)

A: Yes, it is possible to cancel your registration and get a full refund.

Q: What requirements are there for the online conference?

A: For the online conference you will need a functioning camera and microphone. Please make sure to have a stable internet connection, as well as an undisturbed working environment.

Q: Which online platforms/programs will BayernMUN 2022 use?

A: We will use the online platform gatherly.io as our main channel of communication during formal and informal sessions. In addition, we will also use MUN Command as a supplementary program. You will receive the access link to the online event shortly before the conference starts.