Frequently asked questions

Q: Can I have a scholarship? Will my travel costs be reimbursed?

A: Further information will follow soon.

Q: Is the conference open for any participants ?

A: Yes, BayernMUN is open to anyone that is interested in Model UN, speaks English, pays the conference fee and is able to obtain a visa and travel to Germany. The conference is especially open for university students, but we also do accept smaller groups of high school students.

Q: Can I have a letter of invitation for the visa? Can you help me getting the visa?

A: We offer a letter of confirmation before and after the payment has been completed (only for non-EU citizens). This letter confirms your registration for the conference. If you need one that also states explicitly that you have paid for all relevant associated costs during the conference, we will provide another letter after fulfilling the payment. Please ask for it once you have completed your registration or your payment.
An invitation letter may help with the visa application, but it is no guarantee. Obviously, we can only confirm your full participation with accommodation (if booked) and board after we have received your payment. If you are unsure about your chances for a visa, please check with the embassy or consulate. The visa application process is different, depending on the country you are applying from and your personal circumstances. This is the reason why we cannot directly help you to get the visa. The only reliable source of information concerning your visa application will be the German embassy or consulate responsible for your area. We can only provide an inofficial letter of invitation and cannot issue an official one because it would mean that we cover any expenses and are legally responsible to ensure that you comply with the visa terms and conditions. Please make sure to start the visa application process as early as possible. A regular tourist visa is sufficient. If you need an invitation letter, please contact us directly at secretariat@bayernmun.org.

Q: Will I be refunded if I have already paid the fee but can’t make it to the conference (e.g. due to illness or rejected visa)?

A: In case of a cancellation, there will be different dates for refunds to keep in mind. 

In person conference: a general administrative charge of 15‎€ will always apply in case of cancellations; from 15.01.2021 there will be an additional cancellation fee of 50€ (15€ + 50€); from 31.01.2021 we will not be able to refund your fees in case of a cancellation of any kind. 

Online: a general administrative charge of 5‎€ will always apply in case of cancellations; from 15.01.2021 we will not be able to refund your fees in case of a cancellation of any kind.

Q: How can I pay the conference fee?

A: Further information will follow.

Q: What do I need to do to participate? Do I need to send a CV?

A: All that is required formally to participate is to complete the online registration, to pay the conference fee and to get to the conference. In addition, participants should be familiar with the goals and intentions of a Model UN conference and with Rules of Procedure in general (the exact Rules of Procedure for this specific conference are made available to the participants). Also, we expect participants to prepare for the topics on the provisional agenda and to represent their chosen/assigned country realistically. We do not need a CV or other documentation.

Q: How many people can represent a country?

A: Delegations of two are encouraged but not mandatory for the General Assembly and not possible in the Security Council. Due to COVID-19, the number of delegates is limited to 58 (General Assembly) and 14 (Security Council). In addition, BayernMUN will be offering a General Assembly committee online. The number of delegates is limited to 40. The committee will be separate from the in-person committee.

Q: Will the conference be in English?

A: Yes. The BayernMUN conference and all information will be run and made available in English. Basic knowledge of German can be helpful outside of the conference, but is not necessary to participate or to be successful.

Q: Can I do any sightseeing while in the area?

A: Yes and no. The conference will be in the fantastic medieval city centre of Nuremberg. You should take a look at “Discover Nuremberg”, our offer for an additional tourist program! A Guided tour through the city centre of Nuremberg is already part of the conference. But: the conference fee does not cover any expenses outside of the conference. On the other hand, any participant is welcome to extend their stay before or after the conference and explore Nuremberg and the surrounding area according to their own wishes. While we are happy to give tips on what to see or where to stay, any such endeavour is solely the responsibility of the respective participants.

Q: What should I bring with me?

A: You will need material to work with (e.g. pen and paper or a tablet PC) and two or three sets of Western Business Attire to wear. Also, you should bring a laptop if possible, personal hygiene equipment (toothbrush, toothpaste, etc) and several masks. Bring some money for personal spending, e.g. alcoholic beverages or personal shopping. There will be a break on Friday shortly before the conference begins. Lunch in this break is not included in the conference fee. The hotel provides sheets, blankets and towels. You will have full board from Friday night to Sunday afternoon. Unless you have chosen the 89€-fee. Then there will be no hotel and breakfast. We provide name badges and other conference material.

Q: Can I present my thesis at the conference?

A: BayernMUN is not an academic conference, so there will be no panels or presentations or peer-review sessions. It is a Model UN conference, where participants representing countries’ delegates attempt to formulate a resolution in diplomatic ccoperation that takes “their” country’s interests and positions into account as much as possible. It is intended to teach about the workings of political and diplomatic interaction as well as to hone soft skills in rhetorics, negotiation, team work and other fields. Delivering formal speeches and convincing other delegates of your ideas through skillful presentation is part of that experienceg