Who are we?

The history of BayernMUN

BayernMUN was founded in 2011. It was first named “FrankenMUN”, after “Franken” (Engl.: Franconia), the region of Northern Bavaria around Nuremberg. As the conference became bigger and more international, it was renamed to what we know today: “BayernMUN”, after the region “Bayern” (Engl.: Bavaria). After moving from Neuendettelsau to Nuremberg and accomplishing a larger reform of the conference in structure, design, and professionalism in 2016/2017, the conference has the appearance it has today. BayernMUN is especially known for its quality in chairs, organization and rules of procedure among the German and European world of Model UN. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, BayernMUN21 and BayernMUN22 were held online.  

Meet the Secretariat

Sara Bechtler


Sara studies International Business at the FAU in Nuremberg. She was part of the 2021/2022 FAUMUN delegation and participated in BayernMUN (2021) and NMUN (2022). 

During NMUN 2022, she successfully represented Costa Rica in the United Nations Children‘s Fund (UNICEF). 

Since May 2023, she has been the Head of Political Education and one of the two auditors for UNSN.

Felix Gänsicke


Felix studies Law at the FAU in Erlangen. He was part of the 2022/23 FAUMUN delegation and participated in ŽaMUN, ToMUN, EfMUN, BayernMUN (2022), and NMUN (2023). 

During NMUN 2023, he successfully represented Argentina in the United Nations Environmental Assembly (UNEA). 

BayernMUN family