Who are we?

Who are we?

Tamara Titz

Tamara currently studies Political Science and Sinology in Erlangen. She was a delegate in the FAUMUN project 2019/2020, which came to an end because of Covid-19 restrictions. She also served as a staff member at the BayernMUN 2021.

Kalum Rock

Kalum currently studies Political Science and Philosophy in his final semester at FAU. His focus is on moral philosophy, political theory, as well as on international relations. He was a member of the FAUMUN 2019/20 delegation and thereby took part in the BayernMUN 2020 conference. Together with his committee partner he won the BayernMUN 2020 Outstanding Delegation Award.

Emre Ozan Peker

Emre currently studies Mechanical Engineering and getting his master’s degree. Along with Tamara and Kalum, he was also a delegate in the FAUMUN 2019/2020. Last year, he participated as staff in the first (and hopefully the very last) virtual BayernMUN.

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